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U-9 & U-10 Travel (Boys and Girls)

Juniors players are eligible to play on the Girl and Boys U-9 & U-10 Travel teams, which play 8 v. 8 games against other U-9 & U-10 teams in the area. It’s a terrific way to introduce younger players to the more competitive and skillful environment they will experience as U-12 and U-14 players, and it also gives them the opportunity to travel to other towns and represent Branford.

There is, however, a caveat: space is limited. U-9 & U-10 Travel is open to all Juniors players, but in truth we don't have enough coaches (who are volunteer parents, remember) to handle more than two travel teams for each gender. In short, we'd like to accommodate everyone, but it's a struggle.

Please consider volunteering to help coach  or manage (phone trees, etc.) with U-9 & U-10 Travel. That would help. And also, if you want your child to play U-9 & U-10 travel, sign up early.

Just as important: playing on U-9 &  U-10 Travel requires commitment. Travel players all must be registered to play in-house in Juniors, and Travel teams hold an extra practice, above and beyond their weekly Juniors practice(s). These travel practices are usually on Friday evenings, and players must attend them in order to participate in travel soccer.

It is also the case that Travel soccer, while great fun, can also be a bit more intense than in-house soccer. Not every Juniors player is ready for this change, so keep this in mind.